Flying Solo, part 3

Flying solo, until you're not.

Cue, The Meet Cute.

There's no denying that it can be tricky to meet people - friends or potential loves - what better way to meet a someone than face-to-face? You can see them, smell them, & pick up on any vibe they're giving off that a dating app or social media platform masks with the convenient use of emojis, exclamation marks & lying. 

It's much harder to fake good manners and mutual interest sans the tech-filter. 

So you’ve just spotted a cute potential summer-fling or your future ex. 

Remember: Eye contact without a smile is threatening and says “That’s my seat”

Opportunities signalling the Meet Cute

  • You order the same coffee - XL triple shot mocha on almond milk

  • You're both in the same cafe

  • You steal their coffee order (accidentally of course)

  • They have dog, you like dogs.


You probably don’t need a reason. Just smile and say hello.. Because you’re both human, and it’s polite, and you’re in a cafe - alone, and so are they (are they?) and proceed with a smile (and caution).


If you see them in the cafe, talk to them in the cafe. Don't scroll through Instagram to find the photo they took of their smoked-honey-chai-frappe, and proceed to like every photo from the past 3 months - without saying hello. Actually, even if you have said hello, please, some self control. Save it for the post-second-date playful-stalk. IF date no.3 was discussed with mutual enthusiasm. 

 ‘Thank you, but no thank you’.

Lets face it, you’re irresistible. You can’t be blamed for turning heads and breaking hearts as you walk into a room, so at some point you will be faced with the dreaded, thank you, but no thank you.

This may prove tricky for those of you that are polite, or genuinely enjoy random conversations with strangers with no intention to see them ever again. How were you to know that your genuine enjoyment of coffee-chat would be interpreted as genuine interest in them.  I’m afraid you won’t find any helpful tips or useful advice here. I love conversations with strangers about nothing in particular. 

Watch what the rude people do and mimic.


Coffee shops aren’t real life dating apps.

 - But then again, some are. 

Let’s face it, we’re in a world where it’s tricky to meet people. 

New people
collective noun. 

Someone we’ve never met. 

  • or know of,

  • or within our 3 degrees of separation

  • or run into at our neighbours annual Chinese New Year Party

  • or accidentally superliked on tinder, twice.

  • That we have 136 common connections to.

While we're taking about manners... 

There’s one thing that you mustn’t do. 


The in-the-restaurant-talk-over-the-coffee-machine -take-up-all-the-air phone call. 

Going solo isn’t the perfect opportunity to call your landlord about the hot water system on the fritz, or your Gran - the one with the hearing aid turned town?, yeah, please don't check your voicemail on loudspeaker, or confirm all your appointments. Holy Moly If you're really that important, and you simply must take a call, please vacate the shop. You really won't be missed. 


Go on, fly solo.