Creative: Jess Ter


Jessica Ter

Creative Field: 


I found my passion: 

I'm still searching!

My go-to for inspiration: 

I always wonder what my life would be like without music.
Depending on what music I listen to usually dictates what I want and who I am that day.

It's also all about energy for me. I pick up on external energy very well so I source my inspiration from places that feel good to the soul. Whether that's walking through a park or sitting in front of the beach, drinking coffee at a beautiful little cafe, or travelling to another country. There is not one place for me. I even source inspiration from the people I love the most, my soul agreements.


To cure my existential crisis: 

Everything and anything!

- I usually go to my friends, most of the time the crisis is cured after I speak to my friends.
- Otherwise music helps.
- I've recently found that writing is extremely healing.
- Retail therapy is never a bad idea.
- Food. I mean I can't help myself, the cake just looks so good.
- Travelling has always helped to answer my existential questions. 
- And my psychologist Kathryn. She's a gem!

If I weren't doing this id be: 

On a safari ofcourse! Riding elephants, wearing head to toe khaki and beige with a cream wide brimmed hat and Chloé glasses.
I would be singing my favourite song and stare at the lioness from afar through my binoculars. And she will wink and I will smile because both of us knew we carried the heart of a lion.

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