Creative: Susie McWatt Forbes


Susie Mcwatt Forbes

Creative Field: 

Fashion Stylist/My way..

I found my passion: 

Fashion has been my passion...I came into this world wearing high heel shoes...My Nana taught me to sew at the age of 9..Have been creative ever since! Having experienced Fashion Retail...Wholesale...Design...Modelling and a Stylist for a Modelling Agency for 10 years..
My major passion came from a light bulb moment after people watching and discovered a lot of women...and men seemed to have lost their way in the Fashion Fields..And so become a Personal Stylist..A bit like a fairy god mother.

My go-to for inspiration: 

My personal inspiration for my Fashion to indulge in Fashion Mags..A great coffee shop and laptop to scour the world for trends and dream of being there!

To cure my existential crisis :

  This friends is having at least 2 Trips booked in advance for the coming year! At least one overseas..At my stage of life..You are a long time dead!..YOLO!
Sieze the moment!

If I weren't doing this id be: 

This is a hard one!
It would always involve some aspect of Fashion...Maybe a Designer of Outrageous Fashion for over 50's... So much has to be done for this group whom often deem themselves invisible!

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