Personal Training on the Gold Coast with The Mummy Trainer

Name:  Sarah Male AKA The Mummy Trainer

Creative Field:  Postnatal Personal Trainer

I found my passion:  In educating and training new mums in a safe return to exercise postpartum.

My go-to for inspiration:  Is my two babies and my husband. I have put a lot of time and effort into creating this new business so that I can be at home with them morning and night every day. My clients also inspire me everyday, seeing them gain back their confidence and strength is very fulfilling.

To cure my existential crisis:  Running is my cure. Being able to run free and move my body in a way that I couldn't during 2 pregnancies makes me feel alive. Also taking the time out for me is great for my mindset and allows me to be a better mum and wife.

If I weren't doing this id be:  I would still be a flight attendant setting my alarm for a 3am wake up!

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