How to enhance your productivity through subscription shopping

Routines are a trademark habit of successful people. Morning productivity, streamlining what we do to avoid decision fatigue on the daily norm. I have the same routines - from a capsule wardrobe, to vitamins, skincare, and pre-work coffee banter.

We schedule haircuts, tanning, waxing, therapy, exercise, massages and meetings. We also know what we love - the simple pleasures - or absolute necessities - in the products we use. That’s why subscription shopping is the future of shopping. You might hear subscription shopping and think it’s a con - I did. But at second glance, I realised the potential. This is going to save me time. Money. Thinking. This is the convenience of eliminating another consideration. The luxury of never running out of the products I use religiously, that I would never change from. 

Personal care is the pinnacle of this; my skincare - I will never change, my body wash - I adore it, hand soap, moisturiser, shampoo and hair treatments - I can say without a doubt these won’t change. In the success of our day, our weeks, achieving our goals and smooth sailing, is a formula. When a piece is missing, we need a substitute - or there is a gap.

I say subscribe for the sake of productivity, your budget, convenience, and proactive contribution to maintaining your daily rituals that makes you tick.